Âme et Esprit du Vin (literally "Soul and Spirit of the Wine") is one of Paris most friendly wine merchants.

 Tailored advice to please even the most demanding palates and family like-atmosphere are one of the great surprises awaiting you in our three wine cellars!

In this family run business, we favor high-quality wines produced by independent winegrowers who know how to enhance the personality of their local "terroir" by expressing the spirit of earth and grapes in their wine.

Our oenologists carefully identify the best wineries, which truly reflect the personality and mastery of original wine-makers. Here you'll find both high-end products and affordable bottles, and will get a chance to discover natural, organic or 'biodynamic' wines. 

In our three cellars, located in the bustling 9th and the elegant 16th arrondissements, our friendly team will share its passion for wine and guide you through enchanting discoveries!

You need an advice? You have a question? You want to know more? Contact us and visit our Facebook page !

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